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“Scientific Christianity works out the rule of spiritual love; it makes man active, it prompts perpetual goodness, for the ego, or I, goes to the Father, whereby man is Godlike.” – (Message for 1902, Mary Baker Eddy, 8:21-24)

The Mankowski Homes mission is to heed the call to action in our Leader’s 1901 Message to The Mother Church:

“After a hard and successful career reformers usually are handsomely provided for. Has the thought come to Christian Scientists, Have we housed, fed, clothed, or visited a reformer for that purpose? Have we looked after or even known of his sore necessities?… God has provided the means for him while he was providing ways and means for others. But mortals in the advancing stages of their careers need the watchful and tender care of those who want to help them.”
– Message to The Mother Church 1901, Mary Baker Eddy, 28:29–2; 29:4–7

After a lengthy, challenging, and successful career, reformers certainly merit being able to retire without concern for their basic human needs: food, water, clothing, and shelter. Is this the state of wellbeing that Christian Science practitioners and Christian Science nurses experience in their advanced years? Are fellow Christian Scientists aware of and responding to opportunities to support these remarkable individuals who have spent years, often decades, serving the Field so faithfully? Think of how many phone calls are made in the dark of night—and mercifully answered. It is now our turn to answer these reformers’ calls for loving care and support.

Mankowski Foundation

Winifred Stuart Mankowski’s vision has been and continues to be lovingly maintained by its Board of Trustees and management team.

In 1955, property was developed in Azusa, California with thirty-seven graciously spaced bungalow/cottages. Mankowski Homes is nestled on the southside of the San Gabriel foothills within Los Angeles county. The surrounding areas have since been developed to include Citrus College, Azusa Pacific University, neighborhoods of beautiful homes, and a metro train station.

In 1989, the Board of Trustees expanded the expression of Mrs. Mankowski’s Foundation to include an international component. Mankowski International expands her vision to support qualifying Christian Science nurses and Christian Science practitioners worldwide. Since its inception, Mankowski International has awarded grants to qualified applicants in nineteen countries: Switzerland, Austria, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Kenya, Latvia, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, South Africa, Sweden, England, and Northern Ireland.

In 2021-2022, the Trustees initiated renovations of the Mankowski Homes bungalow/cottages. The remodeled units include: state-of-the-art kitchens with new appliances, cabinets, countertops, and lighting; upgraded bathroom showers; new floors, doors, and windows; freshly painted walls; updated area rugs and window treatments. Our bungalow/cottages are now ready to welcome the next generation of qualifying Christian Science reformers.

From the Board of Trustees Entrusted to Fulfill Mrs. Mankowski’s Vision

Key Founding Concepts:

  • Lovely residential quarters enable individuals to “demonstrate the highest result in gerontology,” i.e., continuance in “advancing years.”
  • Residents must live and keep house independently.
  • No central dining room or cafeteria is provided.
  • No housekeeping service (besides periodic cleaning) are offered.
  • Residents must express mutual helpfulness to the community.
  • Two rooms in the central building are for resident use.
  • The Mankowski Homes is not to be or become a nursing or other care institution.

From the Trustees in 1955 Who Carried Out Mrs. Mankowski’s Vision

Clear preference must be given by the Trustees to those… who:

  1. While “full of years”, desire not to be “full of age”;
  2. Desire not to accept a material sense of “advanced years”, and instead, to embrace the challenge of continuously progressing in what Mary Baker Eddy twice called her “advancing years”; and so,
  3. Eagerly desire to continue some degree of engagement in their professional field as well as a vibrant interest in the world as they journey from “sense to soul” with a spirit of adventure throughout this period of gracious maturity.

– A Paraphrase Trustees of the Winifred Stuart Mankowski Trust – January 1, 1955

From the Trustees in 1955 in Accordance of the Will

In accordance with the Will, tenant-guests (residents) must live and keep house independently. Mrs. Mankowski left the establishment of a home in the sense of care, nursing, meals, etc. to each resident. Many people demonstrate independence right up to the time of their passing. To provide an atmosphere conducive to making this demonstration was Mrs. Mankowski’s strong desire.

In keeping with this goal, there are no housekeeping or personal services and no central dining room or cafeteria offered. Instead, there is an expectation of mutual self-help on a proper neighborly basis among those who live in the Homes. Two rooms in the central building will be available to residents to organize and develop their own activities.

It is important to understand that Mrs. Mankowski’s sole purpose in supplying lovely residential quarters was to provide a place in which people can demonstrate the highest result in gerontology — continuance in “advancing years.” It was not to build or operate a Home or nursing or other care institution. That must be a wholly separate undertaking and will not be part of Mankowski Homes.

– A paraphrase of a statement by Ralph G. Lindstrom, Trustee (who drew up her will and helped develop the Winifred Stuart Mankowski Homes plan) – August 9, 1955