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“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” – (Psalms 133:1)

Winifred Stuart Mankowski Foundation

Winifred Stuart Mankowski’s recognition of and deep love for the selfless devotion of Christian Science nurses and practitioners inspired her to establish a foundation in 1955 for the following purpose: to promote enlightened progress in the advancing years “in an environment of comfort and quiet dignity” through the provision of retirement housing for qualified Christian Scientists.
Today, Winifred Stuart Mankowski’s vision is expressed is fulfilled in two ways:

  1. The Mankowski Homes – A vibrant Christian Science community for independent living in Azusa, California
  2. Mankowski International – The loving provision of funds, primarily housing assistance, to support qualified Christian Scientists living outside the United States

Please note: Every resident at The Mankowski Homes is a US citizen or has a permanent resident visa. Please be aware that current United States immigration laws may delay or prevent qualified applicants who are not United States citizens from receiving permanent resident visas. The Winifred Stuart Mankowski Foundation provides financial support, primarily in the form of housing assistance, to Christian Scientists who live outside the United States.

Winifred Stuart Mankowski’s Vision

Key Points:

Housing for Christian Science practitioners and Christian Science nurses who have been listed in The Christian Science Journal for at least 10 years and meet the following criteria:

  • Are at least 55
  • Have retired completely or partially
  • Have a peaceful, harmonious temperament
  • Live in harmony with others
  • Demonstrate a spirit of mutual helpfulness
  • Live independently
  • Meet financial qualifications

From Winifred Stuart Mankowski:

“For many years I have quietly studied the situation which seems to confront Christian Science practitioners and Christian Science nurses who reach [retirement age] without sufficient income to pay rental on a furnished bungalow residence in an environment of comfort and quiet dignity. … Indeed, most sincere and successful [Christian Science] practitioners and [Christian Science] nurses have contributed incomparably more to the welfare of their fellows than ever could be returned to them in any form of human assistance.

“The demonstration of Christian Science in anyone’s experience makes for independence and a very right desire to retain throughout the humanhood experience individual dignity and freedom.

“It is my purpose to have the guests in such bungalow cottage homes carefully selected and deserving and be those who have completely or partially retired from public practice of Christian Science or general Christian Science nursing. They should be selected as individuals who have demonstrated a peacefully harmonious temperament and ability to live in harmony with others.

“There is to be no central dining room for the general use of guests occupying such bungalow cottages because I expect each guest to live individually and independently…

“Generally speaking, it would be my expectation that of the guests residing on the Foundation premises, there will be mutual helpfulness avoiding any substantial service requirements from the superintendent or a (Christian Science) nurse.”

Winifred Stuart Mankowski