Current rent is $225 for a single and $300 for a couple. This is payable before the first of each month and includes utilities, maintenance, monthly cleaning, and grounds upkeep. Telephone and cable television are not included. Satellite television is not allowed.

   Out of pocket expenses for a typical resident might include telephone and cable television, food and restaurant dining, clothing, automobile expenses, church and charity donations, insurance, credit card expenses, travel, entertainment.

   Residents may be retired or semi-retired, and most receive social security or private pensions. Some practitioners remain listed in The Christian Science Journal and continue to take cases. Some nurses also remain listed and help out part-time at nursing facilities or take private-duty nursing cases. Semi-retired nurses work no more than an average of two days a week.

   There are some restrictions on income, but they’re not too strict. Some residents live comfortably on several hundred dollars of monthly income. Others earn, through social security and pensions as well as part-time practice or nursing, as much as $3750 per month, or $4650 for couples.. If an individual earns more than that, he probably can provide the quality of life and atmosphere of Mankowski on his own. But each applicant is evaluated individually, taking into consideration both assets and debts.