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My New Home

My new home is so fresh, beautiful, and modern… I love it!
– Mankowski Homes Resident, R.D.

Great Gratitude

I would like to express my great, great gratitude for the generous gift. As reward and appreciation for my work as a Journal-listed Christian Science practitioner, it is especially dear to me…

– Mankowski International Recipient, Sweden

Deep Thanks

…I want to give my deep thanks to the members of the Mankowski Trust for the gift I just received. It is such a privilege and a joy also to think that the gift is in relation to my service as a Journal-listed Christian Science nurse.

– Mankowski International Recipient, Australia

Very Blessed

I am so glad to be a member of the Mankowski Foundation family and feel very blessed…I only receive a small state pension and have no other pensions. I am a widow and am self-sustained and am so grateful for your quarterly payments.

– Mankowski International Recipient, Denmark

Manna from Heaven

Words are inadequate to express my gratitude for God’s windfall each quarter. They meet my current needs so beautifully and remove stress and anxiety from me…It really is manna from heaven!

– Mankowski International Recipient, South Africa

Amazed and Grateful

The wonderfully low rent at Mankowski Homes is a wonderful gift. The generous living conditions here are beyond all my expectations and beyond anything in my life I had before personally experienced as a home.

– Mankowski Homes Resident, S.H.

Peace and Harmony

I love my newly remodeled home. I appreciate the sense of peace and harmony it gives. It is a wonderful and lovely place to call home. I am so happy to the beneficiary of such an awesome gift!

– Mankowski Homes Resident, D.W.

Valued and Loved

I love my well-planned modern and clean home. I feel so valued and loved!

– Mankowski Homes Resident, C. M.


It is such a joy to be a resident at Mankowski Homes! I have been blessed by a beautiful home full of light. It supports my desire to downsize with grace in order to serve Father-Mother with less distraction. I’m in awe of Mrs. Mankowski and her vision of cherishing those who serve the movement. I’m most grateful!

– Mankowski Homes Resident, K. P.

Wonderful Environment

Every day I look around and admire my beautiful surroundings. It is such a wonderful environment to deepen my understanding of God through the study of Christian Science  and to make many more demonstrations.

– Mankowski Homes Resident, N.G.


It’s been a wonderful journey to see the beautification of our sweet homes in every detail. I am so grateful to live here and for the many services we are enjoying. Thank you for making this little paradise even better.

– Mankowski Homes Resident, M.W.